Small groups PM

The PM Congregation in Observatory hosts 9 mid-week small groups. Small groups are a great way to enjoy community, build friendships and live life together.

When Stephanie and I started dating, we had each been attending a different church.  After a couple of months, we had made a decision to find a new church that we would be able to attend together.  In December 2018 we got engaged and started planning for our wedding in September 2019.


After praying about finding a church together, we decided to visit Jubilee in Observatory. We really enjoyed the worship and the sermon and felt that this could be a great fit for us as a couple. We met Darryn Wiehahn after the service because we aimed to join a life group as soon as possible, knowing it is one of the best ways to get to know people in the church. We attended Darryn and Charissa’s life group and absolutely loved meeting the other people in the group.  We have been there ever since!

Being part of a life group is very important for us because we get to surround ourselves with other Christians who really do care about us. This is very important because most of us work in contexts that do not hold Christian values high.  Being part of a life group gives you the opportunity to have real faith conversations with people who understand you and where you are coming from. We ‘clicked’ so well with our life group and our life group leaders that Charissa led the worship at our wedding and Darryn did our wedding ceremony!  We are so happy to be a part of the life group, and connected to a wonderful group of people that we love and trust.

Stephanie & Jeán Truter