Small groups Observatory AM
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The AM Congregation in Observatory hosts 28 mid-week small groups. Small groups are a great way to enjoy community, build friendships and live life together.

Veronica's story


My family and I joined Jubilee in September 2016 when we were looking for a community church. At the time, we were going through a season of dryness where nothing seemed to be working and we so hoped for a river in our desert experience. I trained as a pharmacist in my country and was going through the processes of acquiring a pharmacist licence to practise here in South Africa. After passing my professional examinations and asked by the South African Pharmacist council to acquire a place to do an internship for at least 6 monthsthings came to a complete halt! 

I struggled for almost a year to find a place but to no avail. It was in the midst of my struggle that my family joined Jubilee and during one of my visits to Mom’s group, I met a mom who told me about their Life group. My husband and I decided to attend along with our two boys and I was blown away from the first meeting. We were not only blessed spiritually, but we found a family there that was willing to go the extra mile until I found a place for an internship. 

After starting internship, it was another difficult time for my family as I had to work every day, drive about two hours, write exams and submit mini projects. Our life group members were there again to support us strongly. There were days some of them cooked supper for us, offered to baby sit our boys - the support was so great. There was a day my husband was away to Johannesburg for work and one of our boys got sick. I took him to the hospital and was told they would have to keep him for some time.


The other boy was at school and had to be fetched. I asked a member from our group who willingly went to fetch him from school and kept him at their home until we were discharged. Being in a foreign land with no family to help, our life group has become our family! And we have been encouraged to reach out and help as many people as we can.

Veronica Jonah