Level Ground
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Level Ground is a Voluntary Association that promotes justice, restitution and the restoration of dignity by means of assisting those who, due to the past injustices of apartheid, do not have the financial ability to own or have access to adequate housing.

2019 has been a little quieter on the project front, after an intense previous year that included the

acquisition and renovation of the Mustard Seed house in Salt River.  God remains faithful in His provision,

both financially and relationally. 

All the homes Level Ground has purchased over the years have been miraculously provided.  Looking back we cannot help but stand in wonder at how God has arranged it all.  The recipients and occupants of these homes have all been connected to Level Ground through the Jubilee community. The small amount of faith we have brought has been multiplied by our Lord, as we have walked in faith, each bringing our own small ‘talents’.

God’s faithfulness with the Mustard Seed home has been no different. Every step along the way has been a testimony to his commitment to provide for us, usually working through relationships within His people.

Through relationship with Eden, Level Ground became aware of the need for a safe, transitional space for young women in the Salt River area. In turn, the women who have moved into the Mustard Seed house have been part of the Jubilee community for years; some growing up in the church, connected in through other ministries like Kids Club, Sunshade and Eden itself.

When the Mustard Seed property came up for sale we saw the opportunity and brought the idea to the Level Ground committee. By Gods’ grace, the family who were selling the property were stirred by the vision of what both Level Ground and Eden wanted to do to the extent that they were willing to allow Level Ground to take transfer and pay off a substantial portion of the purchase price for the house. 

Through God’s faithfulness, Level Ground has been able to do significant renovations and meet the bond payments to the sellers and, some months, even more. Level Ground sees its role as providing the physical “bricks and mortar” (or what we call the “hardware”), which enables other church ministries (in this case, Eden), to care for people more effectively (the “software”). So be sure to read the Eden report to see how this project has evolved.