Health and Pregnancy Center
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Jubilee Health Centre operates out of Jubilee's Observatory campus four days a week, offering medical care, physiotherapy, HIV testing and counseling and crisis pregnancy counseling.

Fourteen years ago this Christmas, two souls arrived in Cape Town from opposite ends of the world, one from England and the other from India. Together with a beautiful and compassionate South African nurse, they birthed the Jubilee Health Centre (JHC), a dream conceived by the Jubilee elders years earlier.


A young local family was part of our first cohort of patients.  Come 2019, their “little girl” became a mother herself! What a privilege it has been to walk through life’s varied avenues with this family, through joys and sorrows, heartbreak and encouragement; and now to celebrate and help care for a new life entrusted to them. Recently a 16 year old and her mum from a local community visited us. As is our practice we asked what she wanted Jesus to do for her, before praying for her at the end of the consultation. Her reply, “I want to start a journey with Him,” was music to our ears, capturing the very reason for our existence.

Another story spanning time and involving multifaceted support from our team and wider faith community, was the journey made with a young South African woman who came to study in Cape Town. She received a devastating diagnosis, which threatened to derail her at the deepest level. Now, years later, chatting on the phone to our counsellor, she thanked both the health centre and church for the investment which changed her life and gave her connections upcountry, where she now lives and works.

She recounted how through her encounter with the Health Center and then church, she met Jesus and gained a family at her lowest point and is now able to begin rebuilding the broken relationship with her own Dad and family. In the wise words of our counsellor, “God gives us a small window of time with people, which can make a huge impact.”

The refugee community in and around Cape Town continues to account for a large percentage of our patient load. Every week relatives, recently relocated from war-torn countries, are brought to the clinic to be treated with great expectation of cures, specialist referrals and answers to the maladies that have plagued lives for years. Here they are loved, challenged, cared for and introduced to Christ.


The stress of everyday life weighs heavily on our patients, battering their immune systems so badly that they sometimes present with illnesses usually attributed to severe immunocompromised conditions. Children are not spared. A six-year-old boy arrived with a nasty boil requiring weeks of treatment. We found no physical cause but discovered, through careful questioning, that he was being regularly bullied at school, despite his mother’s efforts to engage the teacher’s help. Xenophobia is rife, faced at every turn by refugees.


A woman in another stressful predicament struggled too with boils. We had a tender time sharing tools and truth to equip her to cope with life. God’s Word teaches us that “as a man thinks, so he is” (Proverbs 23:7) and so we endeavour to empower both our patients and our team with love and truth to facilitate well-being of the soul, so that “in all respects (we) may prosper and be in good health, just as (our) soul prospers.” (3 John 2) This, we believe, is a significant key to healing. We are grateful for so much. God, in His kindness and faithfulness, has provided us with a solid and close-knit team, which has worked together tirelessly for the past few years. How life-giving it is to partner with the living God as He reaches out and touches the world He so loves!