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GROW is an urban food garden,

at Jubilee Community Church Centre in Observatory.

God has taken a rubble dump and transformed it into

a flourishing garden which provides food, a place for purposeful work, builds community and displays His abundant life and provision. 

Nonceba’s story


Nonceba had recently been dealing with many difficult and painful events in her life but she made a decision to help in the GROW garden. She was working in the garden  once a week, helping with watering, planting and harvesting. Nonceba says that she was able to see the value and importance of purposeful work and serving together with others. Although she got very little money, she was able to “stand up again” for herself and her family.

The vegetables she received helped feed her family and her time in the garden gave her the space to pour out her heart to God and think carefully about the decisions she needed to make. The garden was a peaceful place which showed her God’s provision and His wonderful creation.

Nonceba is part of a life group in Langa which saw the desperate needs of residents at a local care centre (Ikhaya Labantu).

The life group now provides a cooked meal for the 40 elderly and disabled residents every 2 weeks. Some of the vegetables

and herbs are harvested from the GROW garden and Nonceba is responsible for cooking the meal. Her creative use of herbs and vegetables has significantly improved the quality and flavour of the food. The care center is in the process of arranging to employ Nonceba on a regular basis. They also want to grow their own herbs and vegetables at the centre.The love, concern and practical help provided by those involved have done much to improve the living conditions of the residents.

Nonceba is also a part of Sunshade and she helps harvest vegetables from the garden when GROW is able to give vegetable

to the sunshade swop shop. Nonceba says she has learnt to enjoy eating vegetables, salads and herbs and can see their importance in her diet. ”We are not sheep or goats even though we eat leaves”   It also saves her money (eg drinking mint or rosemary tea instead of Ceylon) and her daughter is getting important nutrients  needed to breastfeed her baby. When Nonceba gets her own place, she hopes to be able to grow her own vegetables and herbs. Nonceba’s work and service in the GROW garden has helped to keep GROW  flourishing and reaching out to the world around us.

Many people have been involved in GROW this year and all have shared in the joy and challenges of the garden. School boys doing community service, jubilates serving, teams of people visiting Cape Town from overseas, vulnerable women ,young children, ex –offenders refugees, the Sparks class , people in need, generous donators, carpenters and growbox maker, builders, plumbers, farmers, bakers and chefs :all part of the extended community of Jubilee. We are often reminded that God is also

a gardener and that He is at work. There are times when a seed is germinating and starting to grow underground when not much seems to be happening until we see the shoot break through the soil into the light. God has been at work all along. There are examples of pruning and weeding, good soil and poor. Growth and renewal. All to His Glory!So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow.1Cor3v7

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