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Gravity is an age group ministry for young men

and women age 14 to 18 years. Groups gather mid

week and on Sundays

Richard's story


This has definitely been a year of contrasts for me. Coming from a failed relationship and an unrelenting academic schedule, it was really God’s grace that kept me going.  Even though this year was tough in many ways, my relationship with God has really grown.   I’ve been blessed with new friends at Jubilee and have been fortunate enough to serve on an incredible Gravity team. Earlier this year, I joined a life group for the first time. Despite being at Jubilee for many years, I always struggled to make friends at youth and generally preferred staying in the main service to avoid going downstairs. That all changed this year, when I decided to make Jubilee my home and join a life group.


That was one of the best decisions I could have made. Life group was an anchor for me and really helped me from

being consumed by work in a very challenging year and kept me focused on what ultimately mattered. I look forward

to Wednesday every week as a time to be with people that are also seeking God that I could be open with about some

of the struggles I was facing. I was, and still am, grateful for the many friendships that have grown

developed from the life group. 

From joining a life group, I also decided that I wanted to serve the church in some way. Although, if I’m honest, my initial motivation for serving was perhaps not serving from a place of knowing I was loved by God, but rather from a place of trying to earn God’s love. Despite my error, God was able to use my shaky motivation for His purposes!  I have absolutely loved serving in Gravity and have learnt so much. God was able to use in me in ways that were unexpected too. I was only serving there for a few weeks when one of the boys asked if I was able to mentor him.  I was also given the opportunity to speak at one of our gatherings - an amazing experience and one that really grew my own faith through researching and reading on the topic I was speaking on.

I often feel like I am the one receiving, even though I was supposed to be leading! Serving with the other fantastic leaders has also been a great way to make friends.

The worship evenings have been a highlight of the year.  I was able to pray for some young folk and later discover  that one of the guys I had prayed for was healed.  It was incredible!  I am grateful and privileged to be a part of what God is doing. In my experience this year, it has often been the people around that have been means of God’s grace in my life and I have been so thankful for them. His encouragement that he works all things for the good of those who love Him has been a promise that has kept me going through some challenging periods this year.  I am confident that He will continue to be faithful to his promise and I am very keen to see what he has in store for me in the coming year.  

Richard Wellington