Education Restitution Initiative
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The Jubilee Education Restitution Initiative (ERI) provides both financial and non-financial support to South African students disadvantaged by centuries of injustice, particularly in the area of education. 

Project background


The Jubilee Education Restitution Fund has been active for decades.  In 2017 we made the decision to expand the initiative’s mandate in response to the non-financial barriers to education which need to be acknowledged. The goal was to create a vehicle for church members to contribute to restitution in these areas. 


The Education Restitution Initiative (ERI) now includes: a fund which provides tuition for previously disadvantaged South Africans, a weekly homework club which provides a quiet and safe space to work with supporting tutors and educational resources, administrative assistance for applications to education institutions and what we call 'education journey support’.


The Personal Leadership Development Course is a function of the education journey support bouquet.  The course was created by three Jubilee members looking for a vehicle to restitute in the education and personal development  space. These participants are primarily young people involved in Jubilee's children, youth and student ministries. These committed young men and women are investing into the lives of the next generation while navigating their own futures. 


The course includes a two day workshop, and online assessment.  Individuals then have a two hour debrief session at the

Jubilee Centre as they unpack the assessment report.

Qawekasi's story


Qawekasi is a student, currently serving as a kids and youth leader at Jubilee.  


"It has helped me clarify things that I'm good at and other things I am capable of. The Career Direct personality test really helped me a lot, as well as the one-on- one debriefing session. It helped sift out things that were not a part of me and gave me clarity of why I do what I love. 


The workshop allowed me to be creative and gave me tools to use to be a better leader, friend, daughter and most importantly myself. It helped me realise that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made by God and that no one can tell me otherwise. 


The workshop helped me dig deep within myself through doing self discovery.  It was a joy engaging with other people in the room, sharing stories with one another, as well as our goals, mission and what we are looking forward to in the future.

I believe that you can never stop learning to be a great leader and I know I am a work in progress"