Biblical Counselling
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Jubilee's biblical counselling ministry is an

expression of our pastoral care to those looking for help in times of difficulty. We believe real and lasting change occurs when people know themselves and their problems within a living and vital relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ not only has the grace to forgive us and reconcile us to God, but He also has the grace to change us from the inside out. 

A story from a recent counsellee


"In this day and age many men are growing up without a father or any father figures in their life, and even if you did grow up with a dad being around, the world shouts at men to hold everything together. They say to not show emotion, to be strong, to roll with all the punches, and that you as a man don't need help.


Now if you are a fan of studying history and cultures like I am, you may have realised that this phenomenon only started occurring within the last 200 years. Before that every tribe, every culture, and every group of people of every race had a society of knowledge and wisdom being passed down and taught from one generation to the next. The male leaders and figures would teach the younger men how to do things, and how to not do them. In our time however, this is a falling trend of a bygone era. 


And that is why I would urge every man whether young or old, who needs any help in learning or being taught how to handle any issue, any addiction, or even just in need of advice. To seek help, and to know that it's ok. I needed that help, I didn't know how to handle certain aspects of my life, I had never been taught how to. It took me just under a year of listening and learning to finally have been equipped with the right tools I needed, and that was down to me seeking counselling from an older guy with years more experience than me. We seek the Lord for our spiritual health and for advice, how is it any harder to ask our fellow men for practical advice and wisdom?"