Blaze is an age group ministry, for boys and girls aged 9 to 11 years. Gatherings happen on Sundays during services.

One of the hidden gems of Blaze’s weekly rhythm is our schools’ ministry program known as Scripture Union. During each week of term, a team from Jubilee made up of staff and volunteers travels to three schools during lunch time. The schools in question are Oakhurst Girls Primary, SACS Junior and Rondebosch Prep.

Scripture union sessions include fun, games and a short bible lesson, followed by an invitation to our Friday ministries (Blaze and Eternity). Being able to serve the schools and families is a true blessing and we are grateful for the gospel partnerships with local schools. Each year Jubilee has volunteers serving on our team, often assisting with kids work for a year. This is a great opportunity to foster spiritual growth and build community. The volunteers regularly participate in scripture union and are often encouraged to run games and lead talks, although this can be a daunting experience when faced with a room of 25 energetic children bouncing off the walls. 

Our newest volunteer was asked to do a talk explaining the gospel to 9-12 year olds. We practiced for a week leading up to it and even prepared to do a response time afterwards... but when do things ever go according to plan. 

Despite her great preparation, our volunteer froze in the moment!  She felt overwhelmed by the occasion, yet still bravely went through the points she had prepared. After the talk we had a gospel response time. The volunteer was distraugh, feeling terrified that she had messed up a gospel talk!

I was fortunate to be able to turn her gaze to the other half of the room where 16 of the 30 boys who attended the session had responded to the gospel and were seeking more information on this and what it means practically. 

The volunteer and I were both in awe of what was happening before us. Despite her feelings of inadequacy and “messing up”

the talk, God showed his faithfulness and His commitment to His church and His spirit spoke to children at a time when we would be forgiven for thinking it was unlikely.

God doesn’t need us to fulfil His purposes, but oh what great joy that we get to be a part of His mission, a mission where we already know the outcome. We are imperfect tools in the hand of a perfect God and it is He who changes hearts.

All he asked of us was faithfulness. Thank you for your faithfulness Rachel.

Nathan Philander