Beth Uriel Boys Home
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Beth Uriel, “House of Light”, aims to provide

young men from impoverished communities the chance to pursue meaningful, independent lives through

a supportive living environment, connections to educational opportunities, positive social alternatives and life skill training.

Ben's story

Ben Kabengela was referred to Beth Uriel six years ago by a local church in Mowbray.  Ben’s story, like my others, was

one of broken relationships. He had an argument with his Father that turned into a physical battle between them. 

His father took out a restraining order and Ben was not allowed home. The church where they were active members took Ben in hoping that the matter would be resolved quickly and that he could return home again. Unfortunately that was not the case and as a result they reached out to Beth Uriel for help.


Ben arrived at Beth Uriel and told us that he would like to continue with school.  This was no small ask as Ben was now past school going age.   Gratefully, one of our partner schools was willing to help.  Ben started school but because he had difficulty reading and writing in English he was placed in Grade 8 at the age of 20.  This meant that Ben had learners in his class who were 13 - 14 years of age. 


Fortunately, Ben was resolute in his mission to finish school. The school made it clear that if Ben failed then he would not be able to continue, placing greater emphasis on the need to perform. Ben was motivated from the start and took advantage of all the help he was offered.


He was soon selected to the school student leadership team and by Grade 10 was the captain of the school.

Through hard work he ultimately became one of the top students in his class. Beside being a leader at school Ben also started volunteering at Jubilee’s kids ministry and is currently serving as a leader in the Eternity group. 


In 2019, Ben wrote his matric exams.  We are so proud of him and we know that he has given his best. 

His perseverance paid off and he has finished the race. When I look at his story it encourages me to continue with the work we do at Beth Uriel.


We are so grateful to be a part of the Jubilee community, because it gives us an opportunity to present positive alternatives for the boys and integrates them into a diverse community where they can build healthy relationships. 


John Piper says, “Nothing produces a deeper ambition in our souls, and a more durable perseverance in that ambition, than the word of God.” Our hope is that all of the boys at Beth Uriel come to a knowledge of Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and that it fuels their ambition to change their situations.